Welcome to FireHouse CrossFit! We are dedicated to providing the Monmouth, Oregon community with the best functional fitness training available, and we'll do it through the building of a strong "box" (that's CrossFit-talk for "gym") community! Here's some information for any folks who are interested in trying it out or dropping in: • Come ready to sweat. Dress as if you're going to the gym. Shorts, t-shirt, athletic shoes, etc. Sweats are of course acceptable, but not recommended. • Arrive on time if possible. We want to see you even if you're going to be a few minutes late, but if you can be on time, please do so. Our group warm-up begins promptly at the bottom of the hour. • Signed waivers are REQUIRED for all athletes working out at FireHouse CrossFit, regardless of experience. There are no exceptions to this rule. • Out of town CrossFitters are encouraged to drop in and WOD with us for the day. Drop in fees are $20 to simply work out or $30 to work out AND get a FHCF t-shirt! • If you've created a bit of a mess with during your workout, whether with sweat, chalk, blood (yeah, it happens), or whatever, please find the tub of wipes and clean up after yourself. We're a community and a box family, but there are limits to how close we want to be! • Take care of our equipment and facility. Yes, Leslie and I own FireHouse CrossFit, but we all should have a feeling and pride of ownership in this box. Keep it nice so you can show it off. YOU get to work out here; people should (and WILL) be jealous!. Building community through fitness!
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